Top 3 Famous TikTok Food & Recipe Bloggers

Top 3 Famous TikTok Food & Recipe Bloggers 1

The famous Chinese app TikTok has been amongst the most used and most rising platforms since its relaunch; and since the beginning of this year and with the international state of isolation and self distancing, millions of people everywhere resorted to the most known social media apps to keep boredom at bay and learn new skills and earn new experiences; TikTok is one of the apps flooded with millions of new users since January 2020.

A lot of people who didn’t even consider joining TikTok before have now signed up to the Chinese app to check out its various content. There innumerable TikTok influencers, bloggers and public figures who can definitely help you pass the time and learn a couple of new things. If you are one of the new TikTok users, then you’ll probably enjoy following the famous food chefs and recipe bloggers on the app.

The Chinese app is full of professional and talented chefs and food enthusiasts who share easy and short recipes, with simple and straightforward instructions.

Tabitha Brown

One of the famous food enthusiasts on TikTok is Tabitha Brown; she started sharing her love for vegan diet and recipes March this year. And she managed to attract a big following in a very short span of time! She has more than two million followers who love her methods of simplifying any complicated vegan dish. Brown wants to help people explore the different benefits of a vegan lifestyle in an easy and approachable way. Another popular TikTok chef is Adam Witt who started recently to create and introduce online cooking recipes and tricks to inspire his followers to give it a go. He has almost 90,000 followers on the app.

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Chelsey White

Of course TikTok has its share of dessert chefs as well! Chelsey White is one of the famous dessert bloggers who has attracted thousands of fans by her delicious and eye-catching desserts, sweet dishes and tasty cakes. She has more than 1.5 million fans on TikTok making her one of the most popular online dessert makers. White is best known for making cakes in different and fun shapes such as mermaid tails and Spongebob Squarepants.

Maggie Johnson

Another famous TikTok food blogger is Maggie Johnson who started to attract fans through her cooking of easy and healthy meals and snacks. She has over 250,000 followers on TikTok and she started a business too to expand her love for food and easy recipes. Johnson makes her videos based on requests from customers and also introduces different types of dishes and desserts to spice her online content.

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